Search Engine Optimization or SEO is the only way to make sure that your online business gets noticed by the market segment you are targeting. In order to master SEO, you need to know all about the basic principles. According to the experts who have done Canada Web Design, unless you implement SEO techniques within your website, you will not receive enough exposure online these days. The Full List Here of the basic tricks and tips followed by the experts in the SEO industry will help you get on the right track.

In order to stay on the top of the search engine results, you need to be up to date on the current trends followed by the SEO industry. This way, you will have sustainable traffic to your website which ultimately leads to more sales. Some of the key trends to watch out in the coming months are:

· Make Use of SEP features
The latest SERP or Search Engine Results Page features are as of now dominating the search engine results these days. If you plan on becoming number one on these search engine results, you need to learn how to use the latest features to your advantage. Consumers these days are turning to forums and knowledge panels before they make their purchase. Therefore, you need to create a presence on such forums and panels and link those discussions or chats back to your website, causing the SERP to rank your website higher.

· Faster Loading Times
In today’s fast paced world, every second is valued. The faster your website loads the higher chance you have of being featured in the top search engine results. If you aren’t sure how long your website takes to load on a viewer’s device, you can take the help of Google Page Speed Insights. If the loading time s too high, you can tweak the features a bit to get it down to as much as possible without compromising too much on the graphics and features.

· Voice Command Feature
With voice command feature being included in the latest gadgets in the market, you will also need to start considering voice commanded initiated search requests to make sure your website stand out in the crowd. Recent studies have shown that over fifty per cent of the population is leaning towards voice search, as it offers them the convenience of getting search results without having to type out an actual search query, saving valuable time in the process.

· Brand Mentions Without Links
If you manage to get your brand mentioned on authoritative sites a couple of times without actually displaying a link, you need not worry much. The brand mention alone is worth better search rankings. One way of going about this by making sure that your brand is mentioned while answering questions pertaining to the field that your products or services belong to. This establishes your credentials and pushed potential customers to go looking for your website, leading to an increase in web traffic to your website.