Beginners Guide To Buying A Cycle

diamondback-response-mountain-bike-2-600x300Cycling is fun when the bike you buy is the right one. There are some key factors in buying a road bike that must be considered for a perfect road experience. talks about it’s extensive road-bike collections and also other related topics. You can also find more information on road bikes at

Factors to Consider Before Buying a Bike
First, it is important to decide the type of bike needed- whether it is a road race bike or a more relaxed sportive bike that you are looking for. Next thing to consider is the frame of the bike; there are carbon frames and alloy frames. The group-set (gear set) of the bike must also be determined beforehand. Finally, the decision must be made whether a disc brake or caliper brake is needed.

Sportive Bikes vs. Road Race Bikes
For beginners, a relaxed sportive bike could be a better option to enjoy the ride. Race bikes have a low front end and a long reach is required which may be difficult for beginners. The longer head tube and a shorter top tube provide an upright position.

Frame and Fork Material
When buying the first road bike, one of the important things to be considered is the frame material- alloy or carbon. Most entry level cycles will be of Aluminium frame and a carbon fiber fork to provide equal amount of robustness and vibration absorption provided by Aluminium and carbon frames respectively. If there is a need for buying a lower weight bike along with a lateral stiffness, then a full carbon frame and fork bike can be considered. These bikes will be more comfortable to ride and faster than other materials.

Groupset is also an important factor to be considered; the model specified in the bike must be noted as this forms the bike’s transmission and brakes. Every company has different groupset models that depend on the price, performance and weight of the bike. The best advice is to buy the best among the affordable range as higher end group set provide a much smoother shifting, light weight and more gear choices. For example, Shimono provides 5 levels of groupsets, Sora is ideal for beginners; Tiagra is strictly an entry level bike, with a high-end shift feel in an affordable price.

Disc Brake Or Caliper Brake
This is a very important decision to make while buying a road bike. Caliper brakes are the traditional rim brakes. There are some obvious benefits and a few drawbacks to both the braking systems; disc brakes have an amazing stopping power in any condition- wet or dry. They are consistent. Even when there is a large quantity of dirt sprayed onto the wheel rims, the disc brakes can provide consistent braking without much effort. On the other hand, rim brakes cannot provide a consistent braking experience as it suffers when the conditions are wet and grimy; however, compared to disc brakes, rim brakes are much cheaper, easier to maintain and it also provides more wheel upgrade choices which is not the case in rim brakes.

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